Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jayeon's product range?

Our products are made of ingredients from Korea. Aside from Jayeon's popular and best selling 300ml Aloe Vera Gel, we also have skincare catered to men & women!


Aloe Vera Gel (100ml & 300ml)

This smooth, refreshing & thirst quenching gel will pamper your skin with it's natural aloe richness in a bottle! You can use it as a moisturizer, to soothe sunburn & sensitive skin or even as a substitute for shaving creams. Most of all, it also comes in travel sizes too!


Aloe Fresh Cleanser for Men (100ml)

Our quintessential refreshing cleanser is suitable for the hot and humid weather. Leaving your face fresh, clean & moisturizing, Aloe Fresh Cleanser is for every active & men on the go!


Aloe White Cleanser  (100ml)

Aside from the obvious aloe vera ingredient, Aloe White Cleanser is infused with the lushness of cranberries, strawberries, blackberries & blueberries too! Cleaning your skins of unwanted dirt while leaving your face moisturized & brightened. Suitable for sensitive & dry skin!


Raspberry Brightening Mask 

Infused with a powerful blend of Noni, Raspberry and Aloe Vera that hydrates, nurtures and supports skin by offering intense nutrient and provide long-lasting hydration while lighten skin tone, making your skin beautiful and glowing.


Pearl Whitening Mask

Our Pearl Mask perfects and brightens your skin. Contain amino acids and vitamins, this mask helps to accelerate the natural metabolism of the skin, tone it and reduce skin impurities. Skin becomes fairer, softer and moisturized


Aloe Hydrating Mask 

Re-hydrate your skin with this gentle formula containing active moisturizing and soothing agents. Helping skin retain essential moisture and strengthening skin barriers, your skin will look visibly healthier and easily achieve a smooth complexion.


How much is our product?

Our products are priced affordably below RM20! Jayeon aims to deliver the best of Korean skincare with an affordable price-tag. You can find our products price list below:

Aloe Vera Gel (100ml) - RM12.90

Aloe Vera Gel (300ml) - RM18.90

Aloe Fresh Cleanser for Men (100ml) - RM13.90

Aloe White Cleanser (100ml) - RM13.90

Raspberry Brightening Mask (5pcs) - RM15.90

Pearl Whitening Mask (5pcs) - RM15.90

Aloe Hydrating Mask (5pcs) - RM15.90

Do you have samples?

We are so happy you are interested in our products! In the past, we have samples of our best selling Aloe Vera Gel. At the moment, samples aren't available but give us time - we have exciting new ranges to feature & perhaps sample too! If you'd like to view our full range, you can shop in-store or Shop Online :)

Don't know where to shop in-store? Tell us your location and we can find the nearest store near you!



Wanna work with us? 

Thank you for showing interest in us! We will gladly consider a partnership with you. Kindly send over your resume to us - 

For more information on Jayeon, kindly visit our website Thank you once again for your inquiry. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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